BAJÍO INDUSTRIAL PARK, S.A. DE C.V., located on Eugenio Garza Sada 2145 Sur, colonia Roma,
Monterrey, 64700, in the state of Nuevo León, in the country of México, whose email address is:, is responsible for the use and protection of your personal data, and so in regards, we present the following information:


What is our purpose for your personal data?

The personal information that you provide to us will be used to better service your request, for example:

•       Provide you with the information requested in regards to our services and/or our products offered to you via our website or other media.
• Build work proposals based on the information about your company provided on our website form.
• Perform the service or carry out the delivery of the products your purchased from our company
• Provide information about changes to existing products or services, or new product or services related to product already acquired or service previously requested.
• Fulfill a contract with our customers
• Request the fulfillment of the contracts made with our customers
• Market Research
• In a broad sense to do data analysis, generate statistics, and to carry out administrative and operative tasks, related to accounting, marketing, legal, administration, invoicing, and accounts receivable and any other tasks compatible with the aforementioned all of which are considered legal.
Your information might also be used for the following tasks, though they are not needed for the service requested, will help us in giving you a better service:
• Deliver urgent news in regards to our website, services and/or products requested from our company.
• To evaluate our customer service and to do in-house research about consumer habits, marketing and advertising.

If you do not wish for your information to be used for these tasks, you may communicate to us your wishes in the following method:
Requesting it via email to: or in writing directed to the: Departamento Jurídico de la División Inmobiliaria de Grupo Multimedios.
To the address: Ave. Eugenio Garza Sada 2145 Sur, colonia Roma, Monterrey, N.L., C.P. 64700.
Denying the use of your personal data for these purposes, is not grounds for refusing to service your request or purchase our products.


What personal information is requested for these purposes?

To carry out the tasks described in this privacy notice, we require the following personal data:
• Name
• Marital Status

• Federal Registry of contributors (RFC)

• Unique code for public registry (CURP)

• Place of birth

• Date of birth

• Nationality

• Address

• Home phone

• Cellphone

• Email

• Age

• Work address

• Work email

• Work phone

• Work References

• Immigration status

• Legal residency

• Property

• Fiscal data

• Credit history

• Bank accounts

• Credit card number

• Insurance


Wo do we share your personal information and with what purpose?


You personal data can be shared nationally or internationally with subsidiaries, affiliates and partners responsible for the same purpose previously cited.


How can you access, correct or cancel your personal data or oppose its use?


You have a right to know what information we have about you, what we use it for and under what conditions is it being used.
Also, you have a right to request a change of your information in case it is not up to date, it’s not exact or It’s incomplete.
Or that it be eliminated from our records or data base, if you find that it’s not being used adequately. Or simply
opposing the use of your personal data for specific purposes. These rights are also known as ARCO.


For the proper exercise of your ARCO rights, in order to remove your consent to the use of your personal data with the purpose of limiting the use and spread or your personal information
you must present your request via the following channels of communication:


1)    Through email: or;

2)   In writing directed to: Departamento Jurídico de la División Inmobiliaria de Grupo Multimedios, the address: Ave. Eugenio Garza Sada 2145 Sur, Roma, Monterrey, N.L. 64700 or;

3)   Directly on our website where you may fill out a form to request the change on the status of your personal data according to your rights.


Your request must be with regards to the use of the data that you have provided, and specify how the data was provided, with what purpose,
and the contact method of your choice to receive notifications. You should receive an answer within 20 days through your chosen method of choice.


The information of the department in charge of processing your ARCO rights request is:



Address: Eugenio Garza Sada 2145 Sur, Roma, ciudad Monterrey, 64700, Nuevo León, México

Contact: jurí


You may revoke your authorization for us to use your personal data at any time and for any circumstances.
However, do keep in mind that we may not be able to attend your request in every instance right away, if the service or product you requested has not been fulfilled and we need to keep
using your personal information. Therefore you must consider that for certain purposes, removing your consent
will imply that we can no longer attend your request, be it product or service and it would effectively conclude our working relationship.


How can you know what changes are being made to this privacy policy? 


This privacy notice may be modified, changed or updated dependending on new legal requirements and/or our needs
for the products or services that we offer; our privacy practices; changes in our business model, and for others purposes.

We are committed to keep you informed of the changes made to this privacy notice through our website:


The procedure used to notify about changes or updates to our privacy policy will be published on our website


The procedure used to notify about changes or updates to our privacy policy will be published on our website
The data will be treated within conformity for the “Ley Federal de Protección de Datos Personales en Posesión de los Particulares” Its rules and regulations emitted by the authority on the subject.
Confidentiality of data is guaranteed and the same are protected by the administrative technical and physical security measures, to prevent damage, loss, alteration, destruction, use, access or unauthorized spread.
Only authorized personnel will have access to your data.


If you have any questions in regards to the use of your personal data, in what manner it can be used, or the coverage of this privacy notice, you may communicate with
the aforementioned departments or by phone to +51(81)8880.4400. During regular business hours (9:00 am to 7:00 pm) Monday through Friday.